Wednesday, March 9, 2011

La Blogtheque review!!

Big News!!! One of our all time favorite music blogs did a great review for Willow Be!

Here is the link (if you read French)

..Translated.. (Crudely)
For Willow Be the first album of Live Footage, like Balmorhea two years ago, is primarily a story of pocket. A sober and elegant design that evokes the fusion of elements, ideograms (or other records of Asian origin) to induce a secret, a treatment rather high-end disk claimed as a self-production ...
And arguments that place the disc on the top of the stack, listening with a priori favor and do not regret it. He was not told that a fully instrumental disc, made of loops and improvisations, described as a surrealist masterpiece, played minimalist duo (Mike Thies on drums and keyboards, Topu Lyo cello and loops ) and embellished with clear springs mercenary (played heavily on the heartstrings), can inspire in me something other than a passing curiosity ...
Surely there is the effect of mode, Live Footage of a false airs Aufgang: less virtuosity and pure talent but effective tricks to compensate (severe rhythmic, powerful bass lines on "See The Reflection" in particular). The duo plays with nostalgia, too, is taking Royksopp in an instant revival and subtle dancefloor ("Working Man Is Always Poor ').
It's so direct and easy to listen that becomes suspect: it is in the sound world of ads most aesthetes (luxury deviant, perfumes that want to sell by caressing models), it provides the perfect material for generations of cultural programs ...
It borders on the looting and scholarly distillation of catchy melodies, archi-known guise reworked (the haunting feeling to know everything already be familiar melodies from the first listen) but that is very strange. Live Footage playing with electronics as if it was a framework that should be overcome, however: the frames are simple and synthetic cello alights slowly and using loops and other effects to enrich the whole, probably dreaming of an orchestra to replace them. Classical music is a permanent reference, but it is tackled head almost in fleeing, the economy or timidity.
Willow Be is a discrete disc, a small collection of valuable urban contemporary music and Live Footage, a kind of Balmorhea cities. Here, a sincere compliment ...

In the meantime, check out WEBSITE for updated info about our European tour.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

the days fly by...

hey hope everyone is well.

the weather is bi-polar one day hot and
sunny the next day feeling like its the
end of the world. wind swirling 90 mph.
trash cans knocked over another few mths
till spring and lucky four leaf clovers..
433am feels timeless in the winter..

getting all ready for our european tour,
getting all the ducks in a row: passports,
tickets, extra baggage, visas, riders, car rentals
housing, insurance. damn its a lot of stuff .

recently we've been writing a lot and messing
with a lot of music. we're also writing music
to a film which will be out later this year. fondi91.

check out our google maps of our tour thus far.
some 12 hour drives, no sleep nights , exploring
foreign towns. can't wait!!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Empire State of Mind

We did a cover of "Empire State of Mind" by Jay Z! This was recorded at the Creamery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn by Quinn McCarthy.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

City Winery/ New Years Eve

!!!Happy New Year!!!

On January 7th we were honored to be on a great bill at City Winery in New York. We shared the stage with Emily Wells, Portland Cello Project, and Henry Wolfe. Every band was unique in their own way and brought great energy. All in all a fun night indeed, and as it turned out the brilliant actress Meryl Streep was in attendance and the late night band was Ravi Coltrane... Bonus!

Also for New Years Eve we had the pleasure to rock it at Club Norwood on 14th st. Everyone there was increadibly cool and attentive! Here's a couple shots from the night (by Monick Tijerina):

In other news we'll be resuming our 2nd and 4th sunday residency at Apotheke! 10:00 -1:00

Yesterday we had a great photo shoot by Marc Lemoine. We'll post some pics soon!

Also keep an eye on our WEBSITE for the latest updates for our EU tour in April 2011.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Business Cards

We spent 5 hours last night making 35 hand made business cards. Good use of time????

Currently Jamming Lester Young and Sufjan Stevens.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Apotheke and "Displaced Wedding"

In case you don't know, we've been playing at this amazing chill out spot in Chinatown called APOTHEKE on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month (except for december... See below). They mix AMAZING drinks, and the overall atmosphere is really cool. Usually our friend/incredible musician Emily Wells DJ's in between our 3 sets. Please continue to check out our website for updated info on this. 9 Doyers st, Chinatown NY Free!


We've been working really hard on this off Broadway production called "Displaced Wedding". Opening night is Saturday Dec 11th. HERE is a link to see what its all about, and ticket info.


January 7th, 2011 we're on a great bill with Emily Wells, Portland Cello Project, and Henry Wolfe at City Winery. Here is a link to buy tickets.